The Difference Between A Diet & A Healthy Lifestyle

How many times have you told yourself that you will start a diet on Monday? How many of you gave up on that diet before the weekend? Or maybe, you lasted two weeks. Or even a month, but it all came crashing down when you couldn’t handle not eating any “bad foods”.

There is a reason that this crash is inevitable when going on one of these diets.

Did you ever notice that the people who are in good shape all year round never mention anything about a diet? No, I’m not talking about those skinny people with superior metabolism’s who eat like crap and don’t gain a pound because I know that is what you are thinking. I am talking about the type of person that you would think of if I said “healthy lifestyle”.

Oh no, there is that healthy lifestyle junk again.

Yes, there it is because these types of people have a different, much better, outlook on life. To them, there is no such thing as a diet. All they do to stay in great shape is make healthier decisions with their nutrition, while participating in some sort of simple exercise. This isn’t me telling you to have a salad for every meal because that would just be bland and inconvenient. This could be as simple as choosing a home cooked meal over fast food, diet soda over regular, a grilled chicken wrap over fried, or vodka over beer (Vodka is the lowest calorie containing alcohol).

It is simple changes that you can do every day that can make you never have to go on one of these dreadful new fad diets again. People need to stop labeling foods as good and bad because that is what is going to force you to be miserable when cutting calories. Losing weight is easy if you have the right attitude.

Oh, but now I’m telling you that we need to go to the gym everyday to be healthy.

No. Flat out no. If you like working out like I do, then of course the gym is a great option. Find something you enjoy doing that includes exercise and stick to it. Do you like to play basketball? Go to your nearest park and play pickup a few times per week. Do you like to go bike riding? Great, get a few friends and go for a ride once in a while. There has to be something you enjoy that doesn’t involve sitting on your couch and watching Netflix.

It is that simple to create a healthier lifestyle. If you end up eating pizza for lunch, don’t panic and binge eat because you cheated once and think you need to make it worth it. Just have a salad for dinner and even out your caloric intake. This is much easier if you are tracking your macronutrients (A method that a lot fitness athletes and weightlifters use), but that I will save for another blog post.

If you start to make these changes in your every day life, you will see results overtime. Not only will the results make you happier, but you will have a better outlook on life.



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College student majoring in Health Promotion and Fitness Management. This blog is mostly opinion based upon research.

7 thoughts on “The Difference Between A Diet & A Healthy Lifestyle”

  1. Agreed. People fixate on the idea of miracle diets, and don’t see the results they were promised quick enough, so they give up and blame it on bad genes. And you’re absolutely correct, it’s all about decisions not eliminating or labeling foods as good or bad. For instance I’ve replaced all red meat with ground chicken and turkey, so the idea of having burgers for dinner is always an option at my house. It’s all about decisions.

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    1. Yes! People tend to fall apart once they make one bad decision, myself included. But, when you look at it from a different perspective, it just makes so much sense to just get back on track. Its the simple decisions that seem so hard.


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